About Us

The easiest way to describe CrossFit at our gym is by describing what it isn’t. It is not:  
– Walking on a Treadmill reading a magazine  
– Doing bicep curls on a machine while a trainer in a collared shirt counts reps  
– Easing up on the elliptical so you don’t get too sweaty  
– Sacrificing form, safety and your body to get your next personal record  
– Focusing more on one aspect than all the rest (i.e. Powerlifting, running, aerial yoga, etc..)  

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At Firebreather Crossfit we look to follow the original model set out by Coach Glassman. We believe that balance is the best way to approach CrossFit.  We are focused on getting you into the best shape of your life through a general physical preparedness.  This is done in a friendly, unintimidating environment where we insist on proper form and technique before adding weight.  

Classes are designed to accommodate all skill levels and our coaches are trained to spot deficiencies and scale appropriately. We could spend countless hours describing what is CrossFit but it is best to come by and give it a try!