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Wednesday Apr 11,2018

Got Legs?

Stamina: Time
Every 8 minutes, for 40 minutes (5 sets), for times:

50 Double-Unders
15 Push Presses (115/75 lbs)
15 Back Squats (115/75 lbs)
400 Meter Run

**Modify the workout appropriately such that you get at least 90 seconds of rest on your FIRST SET. The intent is to stay as consistent as possible with the same work load on each set. Modify 50 doubles to 150 singles first, then scale weight of barbell if needed. ONLY SCALE BACK RUN AS A LAST OPTION!!!

1st27:15 Dawne Wed,Apr 11,2018
2nd28:11Jennifer R Wed,Apr 11,2018
3rd29:19Sarah B Wed,Apr 11,2018
1st28:31Rick Wed,Apr 11,2018
2nd29:38Smithy Wed,Apr 11,2018
3rd29:47James S Wed,Apr 11,2018

Jenna30:03  Singles 35#
Mikayla34:08  singles, 35#
Jennifer R28:11  Step-ups, 45#
Megan32:57  Singles, 45#
Rick28:31  Singles, 95#
Jo32:45  w/ step-ups, 15#DB, 1m bike
Sarah B29:19  Singles
Smithy29:38  115 w singles
Dawne27:15 Rx
David31:35  115, Singles
Tammy34:14  Singles; Last 2 Rds ran 200m
Stephen32:24  95#, singles
Erica32:02  Singles, 45#, Run/row
Bailey S34:37  Singles, 35#
James S29:47  Singles, 75#
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