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Monday Apr 2,2018

All The Lungs

Stamina: Time
Every 10 minutes, for 40 minutes (4 sets) for times:
Row 500 Meters
Run 800 Meters
50 Double-Unders

Modify the workout appropriately such that you get between 2-3 minutes of rest between sets. The intent is smooth pacing and four sets that are very similar in time. If you are running over the 8-minute mark, scale back accordingly.

1st35:40 Dawne Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd32:00Chris Y Mon,Apr 2,2018
3rd33:33Sarah B Mon,Apr 2,2018
1st30:27Smithy Mon,Apr 2,2018
2nd34:00Rick Mon,Apr 2,2018

Jennifer R34:00  102 total SU
Rick34:00  400 singles
Sarah B33:33  124 SU
Chris Y32:00  400m, 100singles
Clarissa34:25  500Row, 1mile Bike, 25 squats, 25absu
Erica35:26  Row, 800, 50 s/u
Jo30:29  Row, 1 mike bike, 50 stepups
Smithy30:27  150 singles
Maria27:00  3 rounds and singles
Christy B36:25  25 dubs each round
Ashley J36:41  150 singles
RebeccaDNFD  Did Not Follow Directions
Dawne35:40 Rx
Tammy34:49  150 singles
StephenDNF  “IDGF”
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