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Tuesday Feb 27,2018

Happy Birthday Anna S
Strength: Clean Lift Off + CleanWarmup: BaselineStamina: Run, G2OH, C2B

Clean Lift Off + Clean

Strength: Weight
Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
1 Clean Lift-Off + Clean

Build over the course of the 10 sets to something heavy. A Clean Lift-Off is the first portion of the clean, from the ground to the knees. Keep your torso angle consistent through all phases of this lift-off, and pause 2-seconds at the knees each lift-off. After your lift-off, reset and perform a full clean.

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Mikayla35 Rx
Megan35 Rx
Rick165 Rx
Josh Y180 Rx
Sean75; 14:48@ rx2 Rx Knee pain and right calf strain
Renea95 Rx
Sarah B100 Rx
Ryan150 Rx
Christy B135 Rx
Dawne135 Rx
Will165 Rx
Jennifer R35 Rx
Jenna35 Rx
Noah C65 Rx
Jo45 Rx
Bailey S35 Rx
Tadd55 Rx
David215 Rx
Josh F195 Rx
Kelley35 Rx
Stephen175 Rx
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