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Monday Feb 12,2018

Strength: Deadlift 70%3 RFT

Deadlift 70%

Strength: Weight
Four sets of:
Deadlift x 5 reps @ 70% of 1-RM Deadlift
(open your hands and reset at the bottom of every rep)
Rest as needed

1st185 Rebecca Mon,Feb 12,2018
2nd175 Shakira Mon,Feb 12,2018
Sarah B Mon,Feb 12,2018
Dawne Mon,Feb 12,2018
3rd160 Rebekah Mon,Feb 12,2018
1st285 Smithy Mon,Feb 12,2018
2nd225 Rick Mon,Feb 12,2018
3rd195 Ryan Mon,Feb 12,2018

Rick225 Rx
Rebecca185 Rx
Joyce95 Rx
Jo125 Rx
Clarissa155 Rx
Jade155 Rx
Sarah B175 Rx
Shakira175 Rx
Rebekah160 Rx
Abby155 Rx
Smithy285 Rx
Josh Y255 Rx
Cecilia W145 Rx
Will225 Rx
Maria85 Rx
Ryan195 Rx
Dawne175 Rx
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