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Tuesday Jan 30,2018

Strength: Close Grip Bench Press 3x5Strength: Back Squat 3x5AMRAP: Row and SquatOther Posted Results

Close Grip Bench Press 3x5

Strength: Weight
Close Grip Bench Press (3×5)


1st106 Rebecca Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd105 Ashley J Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd85 Abby Tue,Jan 30,2018
Shakira Tue,Jan 30,2018
Chris Y Tue,Jan 30,2018
Tammy Tue,Jan 30,2018
1st185# Stephen Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd115 Ryan Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd95# Robert G Tue,Jan 30,2018

Ashley J105 Rx
Jenna8:55  30 inch BBP rpu
Abby85 Rx
Sarah B80 Rx
Maria55 Rx
Rebecca106 Rx
Shakira85 Rx
Chris Y85 Rx
Tessa55 Rx
Tammy85 Rx
Robert G95# Rx
Stephen185# Rx
Cecilia W75# Rx
Ryan115 Rx
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Tammy 10:07pm
Maria good job today💪🏼...didn't get to tell u before I left.