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Tuesday Jul 11,2017

Strength: Push Press and L Sit to ExtensionStamina: Strict HSPU, Push Press and Push Up

Push Press and L Sit to Extension

Strength: Weight
Four sets of:

Push Press x 3-5 reps
Rest 2 minutes
L-Sit Tuck to Extension x 7-10 reps @ 1212
Rest 2 minutes

1st95 Christy B Tue,Jul 11,2017
2nd75 Renea Tue,Jul 11,2017
3rd65 Shakira Tue,Jul 11,2017
Sarah B Tue,Jul 11,2017
Chris Y Tue,Jul 11,2017
1st165 Stephen Tue,Jul 11,2017
2nd135 Smithy Tue,Jul 11,2017

Jenee75 Rx
Chris Y65 Rx
Candace75 Rx L-sits hanging from rig
Dean155 Rx
Joyce55 Rx
Shakira65 Rx
Sarah B65 Rx
Smithy135 Rx
Renea75 Rx
Lauren P65# Rx
Michele25# Rx
Raven65# Rx
Jason R95 Rx
Deb65 Rx
Christy B95 Rx
Stephen165 Rx
Josh Y155 Rx
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