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Sunday Apr 30,2017

11:00am 🔥 🔥 FireBreathers One Year Birthday 🎉 🎈

Warmup: BaselineOne Of The Girls: FRANOne Of The Girls: DIANE


Warmup: Time
500m Row  
40 Body Weight Squats  
30 Abs Mat Sit Ups  
20 Push Ups  
10 Pull Ups

TodayAll Time

Christy B5:09 Rx
Kristi B4:45  30' box, grn and black
Stephen5:31 Rx
Elijah4:58  9th Black band
Chris Y6:35  20''box pu, ring rows
Jason R4:41 Rx
Jade6:22  Ppl/blk
Dakota R7:02  28th 30' box push-ups, RR
Carly4:27 Rx 2nd
Dawne4:35 Rx
Candace5:01 Rx
Tammy5:58  30' box push-ups, Blk & red band strict
Renea4:49  12th 20' box push-ups, red/ppl band
Josh Y3:58 Rx
Karen5:36  30' box, RR
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