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Tuesday Jan 24,2017

Strength: 1 RM Back Squat At TempoOne Of The Girls: JACKIECore Work: AB CHALLENGE ~ Week FourOther Posted Results

1 RM Back Squat At Tempo

Strength: Weight
Take 20-25 minutes to establish today’s 1-RM Pause Back Squat @ 32X0

(descent slow and controlled in 3 seconds, then pause in the bottom position for 2 seconds before driving up to full standing)

1st225 Carly Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd205 Dawne Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd185 Christy B Tue,Jan 24,2017
1st345 Nathan Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd275 David Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd255 Smithy Tue,Jan 24,2017
Stephen Tue,Jan 24,2017

Jenee175 Rx
Nikki E165# Rx
Ceara125 Rx
Dawne205 Rx
Kristi B150 Rx
Christy B185 Rx
David275 Rx
Sarah B110 Rx
Smithy255 Rx
Chris Y145 Rx
Joshua C305 Rx
Christina215 Rx
Carly225 Rx
Shakira125 Rx
Travis J255 Rx
Rebekah G175 Rx
Dakota R165 Rx
Robert G210 Rx
Stephen255 Rx
Deb65 Rx Must work on form
Nathan345 Rx Did 2-3 RM
Cynthia140 Rx
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