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Thursday Jul 28,2016

Happy Birthday Dakota R
One Of The Girls: FRANConditioning,Skill,Stamina: MU or PU and Wall Ball


One Of The Girls: Time-Rx3
21-15-9 reps for time



RX2= 75/45, band-assisted pull-ups  

RX3= 55/35, Ring Rows

TodayAll Time

Cynthia7:24  35# thrusters, rack PU
Katie G6:51  35# thusters, rack pull up
Christina6:47 Rx
Trey7:20  95#, Rack P/U
Drew D8:13  75
Carly4:45 Rx
Dawne5:50 Rx
Dustin3:40 Rx
Steven W9:32  75
Chris B5:50 Rx Terrible Pull-ups
Bonnie6:36  35#, rack p/u
Rebekah10:49  35 lb
Shakira13:12  55#, Rack PU
Christy B10:00 Rx
Elijah7:42  65#
Robert G10:17  65#,
Evelyn7:17  45#, Rack PU
Katie I8:32  65#, Rack PU
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