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Most Recent Benchmark WOD was 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE on Jul 18,2017 (4 days ago)

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'Carly's Thanksgiving WOD' (Time) Team Work
6 Rounds For Time

Partner Carry Down and Back

Tire Flip Down And Back  

Wheel Barrow Down And Back

Sychronized Walking Lunges Down And Back

**Tire Flips Can Be Switched Over However You See Fit, But Both Partners Have To Go Down And Back Together. Partner A Can Flip Down And Partner B Can Flip It Back.  However You Want To Make It Happen
**Lunges Have To Be Done Together In Sync
**It Doesn't Matter Which Partner Does The Carrying And Which One Pushes The Wheel Barrow.  Whether Or Not You Rotate Is Up To You. Partner Can Be Carried On Your Back Or Across Your Shoulders Like A Sandbag

**Coach Carly Will Show You The Distance That You Will Be Working With.  Hint: Its Behind The Building, In The Grass.
Chosen as WOD: Fri,Nov 25,2016
'HotShots 19' (Time) HERO WOD
Six Rounds for time:

30 Squats
19 Power Cleans (135)
7 Burpees
Run 400 meters

Honoring the 19 fallen Fire Fighters that lost their lives in the Wild Fires surrounding Yarnell, AZ on June 30th, 2013.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013, while fighting a fire in Yarnell, Arizona.
Chosen as WOD: Mon,Sep 5,2016
1st47:34Jade Mon,Sep 5,2016
Candace Mon,Sep 5,2016
1st46:27 Rick Mon,Sep 5,2016
2nd34:26Robert G Mon,Sep 5,2016
3rd44:13Smithy Mon,Sep 5,2016
'The Other Totals' (Weight) Strength
1RM Clean

1RM Bench

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Apr 27,2016
1stPC-115#, B-95#, OHS- 95# Candace Wed,Apr 27,2016
'Will You Be My Fran' Partner WOD (Time) Conditioning,Stamina
partner 20 min AMRAP:

partner A – row 500,
partner B – AMRAP of “Fran”
21-15-9 of
pull ups
when one partner finishes the row, the other partner picks up “Fran” where the other left off

Score is total distance and rounds of Fran + extra reps.  

Bar Free – sub DB thrusters
Chosen as WOD: Sat,Jul 16,2016
1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE (Time) Cardio
1 mile outside run.

Please post your time as MM:SS.
Chosen as WOD: Tue,Jul 18,2017 Mon,Jun 26,2017 Mon,May 15,2017 Tue,Aug 16,2016 Fri,Jun 24,2016
1st7:17 Jenee Tue,Jul 18,2017
2nd7:19 Rebecca Mon,May 15,2017
3rd7:52 Dawne Fri,Jun 24,2016
1st6:20 Shamon Tue,Aug 16,2016
2nd6:50 Elijah Fri,Jun 24,2016
3rd7:00 David Wed,Nov 23,2016
1 RM Back Squat At Tempo (Weight) Strength
Take 20-25 minutes to establish today’s 1-RM Pause Back Squat @ 32X0

(descent slow and controlled in 3 seconds, then pause in the bottom position for 2 seconds before driving up to full standing)
Chosen as WOD: Tue,Jan 24,2017
1st225 Carly Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd215 Christina Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd205 Dawne Tue,Jan 24,2017
1st345 Nathan Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd275 David Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd255 Smithy Tue,Jan 24,2017
Stephen Tue,Jan 24,2017
10 Min Amrap: Push Press, OH Lunge, Burpee (Reps) AMRAP
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 Push Presses (95/65 lbs)
10 Alternating Overhead Reverse Lunges (95/65 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell
Chosen as WOD: Mon,Jul 17,2017 Fri,Jan 27,2017
1st157 Dawne Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd150 Candace Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd133 Anne-Rose Mon,Jul 17,2017
1st130 Nathan Fri,Jan 27,2017
2nd104 Josh Y Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd130Elijah Mon,Jul 17,2017
10 Min Max Wall Balls (Reps) Stamina
For max reps in 10 minutes:
Row 1000 Meters
Max Reps Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)
Chosen as WOD: Fri,Apr 7,2017
1st115 Candace Fri,Apr 7,2017
2nd88 Ashley J Fri,Apr 7,2017
3rd86 Dawne Fri,Apr 7,2017
1st82 Stephen Fri,Apr 7,2017
2nd71 Chris B Fri,Apr 7,2017
10 Minute AMRAP - Cash Out (Reps) Conditioning,Stamina
10 Minute AMRAP

Row 1000 Meters
Dumbbell Man-Makers x Max Reps 45/25
(Push-Up, Power Clean, Push Press)
Chosen as WOD: Tue,Aug 16,2016 Thu,Jun 30,2016
1st22 Candace Thu,Jun 30,2016
2nd15 Nikki Thu,Jun 30,2016
3rd32Dawne Thu,Jun 30,2016
1st21 Smithy Tue,Aug 16,2016
2nd20 Chris B Tue,Aug 16,2016
3rd45Shamon Thu,Jun 30,2016
10 Sets Of 2 Position Snatch (Weight) Strength
Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
2-Position Snatch
(high hang, followed by hang from mid-thigh)

Start your first set at approximately 55% of 1-RM, and build from there over the course of the 10 sets.
Chosen as WOD: Wed,Feb 15,2017
1st105 Anne-Rose Wed,Feb 15,2017
2nd55 Rebecca Wed,Feb 15,2017
3rd50 Sarah B Wed,Feb 15,2017
1st145 Nathan Wed,Feb 15,2017
2nd115 Stephen Wed,Feb 15,2017
3rd75 Smithy Wed,Feb 15,2017