Most Recent Benchmark was Baseline on Apr 19,2018 (3 days ago)

Monday Apr 16,2018

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Warmup: Time
500m Row  
40 Body Weight Squats  
30 Abs Mat Sit Ups  
20 Push Ups  
10 Pull Ups

TodayAll Time

Rick4:40  RR
Jennifer R6:12  BPU, RR
David4:35 Rx
Jo6:12  20th GHDPU, RR
Jade6:11  19th RR
Christy B4:15 Rx 1st
Dawne4:28 Rx 2nd
Sarah B5:13  RR
Shakira5:28  Bpu & rr
Erica5:31  15th 30” BPU, RR
Smithy5:34 Rx
Ryan4:06 Rx 2nd
Stephen5:21 Rx 6th
Cecilia5:08  12th Ring rows, BPU
Tammy6:44 Rx 7th
Results Posted: 15