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Tuesday Apr 10,2018

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Clean and Jerk Max

Max,Strength: Weight
Take 20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Clean & Jerk

TodayAll Time

Mikayla75 Rx 8th
Megan75 Rx 8th
Jenna55 Rx 11th
Sally75 Rx 8th
Rick185 Rx
Jo60 Rx
Sarah B105 PR Rx 5th
Tadd115 Rx 7th
Smithy155 Rx
Rebecca110 Rx 4th
David230 Rx 1st
Tammy115 Rx 3rd
Jennifer R35 Rx 12th
Rebekah105 Rx
Robert G105 Rx
Stephen195 Rx
Bailey S65 Rx 9th
Results Posted: 17