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Sat,Nov 11,2017 at 8:00am Hydrostatic Dunk Tank Testing

Thursday, Jul 6, 2017


Belly Buster

Core Belly Buster

10,15, 20,25, 30 reps of......
Flutter Kicks, Windshield Wipers, Sit Ups, Candle Sticks, Russian Twist  

RX = straight legged WW & 25/15# plate for Russian twist

Chosen as WOD: Fri,Jul 21,2017 Fri,Jul 14,2017 Thu,Jul 6,2017 Fri,Jun 30,2017 Thu,May 19,2016
1st9:45 Dawne Thu,Jul 6,2017
2nd10:21 Christy B Fri,Jul 14,2017
3rd10:47 Sarah B Fri,Jul 14,2017
1st9:39 David Fri,Jul 14,2017
2nd17:40 Eric Fri,Jul 14,2017
3rd12:18Smithy Fri,Jul 21,2017

Jenee14:29  Not Rx
Chris Y19:20  Not Rx
Candace13:00  Straight legs
Sally13:19  KB one round
Daniel F19:15  Not Rx
Katie G13:22  Not Rx
Rebecca21:45 Rx
Josh Y13:43  Not Rx
Jo7:32  No candle sticks
Clarissa13:39  Not Rx
Hannah B16:29  Not Rx
Smithy12:53  Not Rx
Christy B11:16 Rx
Dawne9:45 Rx
Anne-Rose11:56 Rx 18#kb; legs to the floor windshield wipers
Jade18:37  WTF?!?!?!
Kristi B15:55  Bent knees ww
Chris B18:30  Surprise, Surprise.
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