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Wednesday Jul 5,2017

Happy Birthday Taylor S
Strength: Deadlift and ring push upsStamina: 400m Runs and Burpees

Deadlift and ring push ups

Strength: Weight
Five sets of:

Deadlift x 4-6 reps @ 21X1
Rest 20 seconds

Ring Push-Ups x max reps @ 1111

(terminate the set once you’re no longer able to maintain the prescribed tempo)

Rest 2 minutes

1st165 Renea Wed,Jul 5,2017
2nd160 Shakira Wed,Jul 5,2017
Sarah B Wed,Jul 5,2017
3rd155 Dawne Wed,Jul 5,2017
1st115 Shamon Wed,Jul 5,2017

Elijah95# Rx 12 rings
Dawn Br95# Rx 6 reps@ 24'
Christy B135 Rx 10 rings
Dawne155 Rx 10 rings
Katie G135 Rx 11 to 24' box
Joyce85 Rx 10 to 20' box
Jo115 Rx 15 to 30' box
Renea165 Rx
Shakira160 Rx
Sarah B160 Rx
Rebekah135# 3 reps Rx
Shamon115 Rx
Clarissa145 Rx
Sophia75 Rx
Hannah B65 Rx
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