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Thursday Jun 29,2017

Strength: Work to a heavy DeadliftStamina: Deadlift, pull ups, push ups

Work to a heavy Deadlift

Strength: Weight
Take 15-20 minutes and build to a heavy, but not necessarily 3-RM Deadlift

If you lose positioning or mechanics, your set is over.

1st255 Anne-Rose Thu,Jun 29,2017
2nd205 Candace Thu,Jun 29,2017
3rd175 Chris Y Thu,Jun 29,2017
Dakota R Thu,Jun 29,2017
Jade Thu,Jun 29,2017
1st375 Nathan Thu,Jun 29,2017
2nd365 Smithy Thu,Jun 29,2017

Candace205 Rx
Dakota R175 Rx
Joyce90# Rx
Chris Y175 Rx
Jo135 Rx
Smithy365 Rx
Pam145 Rx
Sophia105 Rx
Jade175 Rx
Kristi B175 Rx
Anne-Rose255 Rx
Nathan375 Rx
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