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Wednesday Jun 28,2017

Happy Birthday Bailey P
Strength: Push Press and Weighted supinated grip pull upStamina: Ring Dips and Wall Balls

Push Press and Weighted supinated grip pull up

Strength: Weight
Four sets of:

Push Press x 3-5 reps
Rest 90 seconds

Weighted Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups x 3-5 reps @ 2110
Rest 90 seconds

1st100 Christy B Wed,Jun 28,2017
2nd95 Dawne Wed,Jun 28,2017
3rd85 Dakota R Wed,Jun 28,2017
Sarah B Wed,Jun 28,2017
Shakira Wed,Jun 28,2017
1st135 Will Wed,Jun 28,2017
Josh Y Wed,Jun 28,2017
2nd115 Smithy Wed,Jun 28,2017
3rd95# Robert G Wed,Jun 28,2017

Chris Y75 Rx Pr + bl band for pu
Dakota R85 Rx Yellow and green bands for pull-ups
Chris B185 Rx
Jenee95 Rx
Sally75 Rx
Joyce50# Rx
Sarah B85 Rx
Shakira85# Rx
Will135 Rx
Elijah55 Rx
Dawne95 Rx
Christy B100 Rx
Katie G75 Rx
Jo35 Rx
Lumpy135 Rx
Brenda S30 Rx
Sophia40 Rx
Smithy115 Rx
Josh Y135 Rx
Kristi B85 Rx Purple and black
Robert G95# Rx
Raven65# Rx
Sarah M65# Rx
Christie P45# Rx Ppl & blk bands
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