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Wednesday Feb 15,2017

Happy Birthday Renea
Strength: 10 Sets Of 2 Position SnatchStamina: Burpee Over Bar, G2OH, Burpee Over BarOther Posted Results

10 Sets Of 2 Position Snatch

Strength: Weight
Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
2-Position Snatch
(high hang, followed by hang from mid-thigh)

Start your first set at approximately 55% of 1-RM, and build from there over the course of the 10 sets.

1st105 Anne-Rose Wed,Feb 15,2017
2nd55 Rebecca Wed,Feb 15,2017
3rd50 Sarah B Wed,Feb 15,2017
1st145 Nathan Wed,Feb 15,2017
2nd115 Stephen Wed,Feb 15,2017
3rd75 Smithy Wed,Feb 15,2017

Kristi B45 Rx
Chris Y45 Rx
Renea45 Rx
Jeremy00 Rx 105 cleans
Cynthia50 Rx
Jenee45# Rx
Katie G35 Rx
Rebecca55 Rx
Shakira45# Rx
Smithy75 Rx
Toni55 Rx
Anne-Rose105 Rx
Taylor S35# Rx
Travis J105 Rx
Stephen115 Rx
Sarah B50 Rx
Christie P47# Rx
Nathan145 Rx
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