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Friday, Jan 27, 2017

Strength: Snow Angels and KB CarryStrength: Single Arm Overhead PressAMRAP: 10 Min Amrap: Push Press, OH Lunge, BurpeeCore Work: AB CHALLENGE ~ Week Four

Snow Angels and KB Carry

Strength: Weight
Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (3 sets of each):
Station 1 – Reverse Snow Angels x 20 reps (slow & controlled)
Station 2 – Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Carry x 25 yards each arm

1st18;20 Kristi B Fri,Jan 27,2017
2nd18 kb Jenee Fri,Jan 27,2017
Chris Y Fri,Jan 27,2017
Katie G Fri,Jan 27,2017
Dakota R Fri,Jan 27,2017
1st30 Nathan Fri,Jan 27,2017
2nd26 kb Stephen Fri,Jan 27,2017
3rd18 Jason R Fri,Jan 27,2017

Jenee18 kb Rx
NikkiYes Rx 18# KB
Ceara18kb Rx
Chris Y18kb Rx
Katie G18# Rx
Nathan30 Rx
Jason R18 Rx
Stephen26 kb Rx
Dakota R18kb Rx
Kristi B18;20 Rx
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Christy B 4:50pm

Christy B 4:52pm